Website development

You need a website –to generate your online income!

Website is only a tool. However you have to know how to use it and what kind of website you need.

We develop and create ONLY professional and effective websites which:

  1. Has the only purpose – to turn Your website visitor into Your client. In other words make cash in Your bank account.
  2. The clear interface and navigation for users – visitors friendly and easy to use.
  3. Websites are prepared according to the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standards because Google already leads visitors to buy into your website.
  4. Integrate social media tools which helps to automate website promotions and maintains relationships with potential customers. Using social media you can promote your website without creating extra resources.
  5. Every page on the site has individual goals from consumers view point. Today consumers do not have time reading “blah blah blah”. They need clear instructions “what can they get here?”, “how much will it cost there?” and “what can they get extra?”
    Value clarification for customer is significant!
  6. Easy actions system (to call, to write a letter, to order a product).

Website creation service includes

  1. 4 hours of consultations and websites aim clarification. Value £240.
  2. Individual website prototype creation. Value £100 – £1000.
  3. Unique design creation. Value £200 – £1500.
  4. Website’s programming tasks. Value from £600 – £3500 (It depends on project size and development level).
  5. Social media integration. Value £100.
  6. Blog system preparation and design matching. Value £150 – £900.
  7. Domain name registration for two years. Value £10.
  8. Content managing system user’s guide and training. Value £100 – £400.
  9. 6 – 12 months lasting consultations after websites creation. Value £3500 – £6000.

Websites creation price is from £1500 to £8660 + consultations.

Check some of our website examples.

Order new shiny website today and start to earn money online from your own business!
Website development