INTERNET IDEAS LTD services range includes:

  1. Online advertising campaigns. From idea to implementation.
  2. Individual Online business systems development.
  3. You need to be effective in business? It`s time to get your information management automated. All companies are different – we will find and “tailor” individual information management solution for your business.
  4. Prepare of documentation for Online project systems and projects development management.
    Want to save money on your Internet projects development – make good quality documentations and ask right questions to right people. Online project management sometimes can be more complicated than it is in reality, you just need to know who is responsible for what. We help to create your projects documentation and manage to finish of IT projects on time.
  5. Web sites development.
    Need to create or renew your personal or business website – we can help you! We are making not just websites – we do effective websites.
  6. Internet market research and users needs analysis.
    Starting news business on internet or just have an idea? You need to test it according the market needs what exist right now. We help to research internet market and make competition and trends analysis.
  7. Personal marketing services for individual people.
    Your name – your brand. How you care about it in online presence?
  8. WEB Hosting service.
    Websites Hosting in Lithuania and UK. Direct admin control panel. Full control of your domains.
  9. Consultations for:
    Online marketing issues,
    SEO consultations,
    Web Site building and efficiency issues,
    Visitors flow issues.