Online markets research

Online market research is the first step of SEO process (Optimization for Search Engines). During this phase we find what are the main keywords in your market, analyze what future tendencies are and who are your main competitors.

Internet market research objective is to find out what key phrases your potential customers usually use, who are your competitors, how many do you have them on the Internet and are you ready to compete on the online market with your competitors.

During research we also find out who could be your partners on Internet.

For calculations we use last 12 months average search volumes. That means that data is highly accurate. We always take into account things like seasonality or your competitor’s promotional actions. Search tendency recognitions let us to choose keywords which would give the best results for your business.

During online market research client has to be involved. We can find out the numbers but they can be interpreted by specialist who owns or controls the business only. Tasks we do will provide basis for your business future actions. Be ready to spend some time with our specialists.

Next SEO step is On Page optimization.

How to start?

If you ready to to start your internet market research you need to do these steps:

  1. Fill this form and send your answers to our internet markets research team.
  2. Choose your internet market research option and pay for service.

All queries with Paypal payments will start immediately. Usualy we prepare internet market research in 7-14 days. Otherwise we will inform you.

When we get your answers and payment – our internet markets research staff will contact you in 2 working hours (We work on Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 19:00).

Also You can always contact us by email or by phone +44 7780 973 926 (UK) / +370 67996 066 (Lithuania).

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