What is remarketing?

Do you know that more than 90% of website visitors leave before making a decision to buy from you?

Remarketing (also known as retargeting) allows you to find your previous website visitors across the internet and to show them advertising related to your products or services. Remarketing allows you to get back not only your website’s lost visitors but also those, who are ready to buy your products or services.

Remarketing works using Google AdWords and Google AdSence (Google Display Network) systems. The principle of remarketing is based on showing banners to target audience, i.e. only to your website’s visitors, showing advertising to them in millions of websites, which are using Google AdSence advertising areas.

Majority of internet advertising networks already have integrated this method, so this is not a miracle or innovation in internet marketing field. Unfortunately, only 5 % of website’s owners who invests in online advertising use this method.

Use have unique opportunity to get back your lost website’s visitors and to make you’re your clients!

How Remarketing works?

In the picture below you can see how remarketing works.


  1. For the first time the visitor to your site comes through the usual ways: via links or advertisements on other websites, via the links in your newsletters, via links on social networks, search engines (SEO, AdWords) or directly typing your website address, and other means.
  2. A visitor, who visits your site, is remembered of the Google Adwords system, and for this system to remember your website’s visitors (website audience) to a site is placed a special Google Adwords system code.
  3. When visitor leaves your website and starts browsing the Internet, Google can recognize the user on any website that uses Google’s advertising AdSence areas.
  4. Visitor who visited your website and then visited another website, in which is Google’s AdSence advertising area, can see your advertising. Google’s AdSence advertising areas are used by millions of popular sites around the world.

Why to choose remarketing?

We provides a breakthrough dynamic personalised remarketing solution that combines the ultimate personalisation of remarketed banners with a pure pay-per-click (PPC) business model.

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Here is Google official remarketing explanation video