Google AdWords management

Effective Internet advertising – Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is an effective pay per click (PPC) mean of internet advertising, run on Google search engine. It is a quick way to drive traffic to your site, based on targeting people who search for products or services on Google. So, you can boost your traffic and sales advertising using Google AdWords.


  • You set your campaign’s budget depending on your possibilities and requirements
  • Ads are shown only for people, searching for your products or services
  • You only pay when an interested person clicks on your ad
  • You can target you ads geographically
  • You can measure/test the effectiveness of campaigns using Google Analytics
  • Campaign can be started in 2 days

More than 100 managed successful campaigns for companies in UK, USA, Germany, Russia and other countries makes us reliable partner implementing your internet marketing tasks. We provide clear and comprehensive reports, that confirm our clients pay the least possible cost per click.

Clients pay only individually defined fee for administering and optimizing AdWords campaigns, depending on complexity of campaigns:

  • Optimal allocation of the budget
  • Supervision of qualitative parameters
  • Regulation of cost per click
  • Rectification of targeted traffic

Begin advertising on Google and achieve your internet marketing goals!

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