Work fields

Services & spheres we are working on:

  1. Development, maintenance and administration of strategies for Google AdWords advertising campaigns.
  2. Development, implementation and administration of strategies for intelligent remarketing campaigns.
  3. Development of websites that are effective in terms of sales by using the most popular content management engine in the world, which is, i.e. WordPress – starting from the concept of a website and ending with the design and final system.
  4. Internet market research for an assessment of the idea of your online project.
  5. Websites hosting services.
  6. Descriptions of the concepts and projects of information management systems. Preparation of documentation for programmers.
  7. Development of campaigns and measures intended for making any brand and personal name popular.
  8. Seminars on various topics regarding online marketing.
  9. Professional consultations on online marketing.

We recommend that you visit and see our portfolio, developed websites, intranet systems, marketing projects and authorial projects that we are currently working on.

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